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Legal Representation

Family Law

NAAFLS can assist in Family Law parenting matters. When parents have separated and are unable to agree on things, like where their child should live and how much time is spent with each parent, they can ask the Court to make some parenting rules. NAAFLS will provide legal advice to a parent about the Family Law process, including options for alternate dispute resoloution, and legal representation throughout the Court process. NAAFLS can also assist with divorce applicatons and some small property disputes. 

Domestic Violence

NAAFLS can assist in Domestic Violence matters. Our legal team offers advice about Domestic Violence Orders and how to get one. They will represent clients seeking a Domestic Violence Order in Court.

Care & Protection of Children

When children are at risk of being removed from families due to child protection concerns, NAAFLS can give legal advice to parents about what to do to have the best chance of keeping their children with family in community. If there is a Court application to remove a child from family, our legal team can represent parents throughout the Court process. Our team will work with parents to advocate for the best possible outcome for them and their children.

Victims of Crime Compensation

A person who has been seriously injured (physically or mentally) by a violent crime may be eligible for compensation from the Crimes Victims Services Unit (CVSU). NAAFLS legal staff can provide advice & assistance to lodge applications for compensation. We will assist with ongoing communication between clients and CVSU until the application has been processed and finalised. If the client is unhappy with the outcome, NAAFLS can assist to appeal the decision.


A will is a legal document which details what you want to happen with your property after you pass away. It can also include instructions for your funeral. Our legal staff can provide advice about what you need to include in a will and can draft if for you.


NAAFLS can assist with completing applications for new housing, relocation housing or priority housing by providing support letters on behalf of our clients. NAAFLS also assists with housing debts and repairs & maintenance.

Court Support

NAAFLS can provide support to clients who need to give evidence in Court regarding domestic, family & sexual violence. Our legal team can also provide legal advice prior to Court about the client's rights and obligations around giving evidence and the Court process itself.